I have been trying to find the words to write to explain and apologies for my absence but the short version is that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. It has been a reflective couple of months. Time that I am grateful I took to really look and question where I am and where I want to go with my life, even though a lot of things are still in the drawing board, at least I can confidently say am comfortable to be up and running again. I will talk more on everything in the coming days, but because I don’t want to bore you with an extremely long post, here is a small appetizer of what’s to come in my new journey marking my 24th year on this earth….

 When thrift shopping, the top five things that I cannot ignore the minute I see them are; lace, leather, bright colors/ patterns, stripes and anything that looks like fur. When I saw this number all I could see from a distance was a fur piece and the minute I heard the price, I ninja squeezed my way through people, cars and matatu touts just to get to it. I did the classic thing every girl used to thrift shopping does, grabbed it and  held on ready to punch anyone who looked at it for too long. I looked at it keenly for any flaws only to realize what a gem it truly was. I could not wait to get home and start trying out new looks with it.

What amazes me about it is how many looks I can pull off with it, which thinking about it I will share more of them soon, but this look is by far one of my favorite. On the inside it has strings that you can pull to cinch the waist to define it which I love. The huge hood covers my entire face which is perfect for when you are stuck in traffic and you want to catch a snooze, you don’t have to worry about someone catching a photo of you drooling in public. Oh plus the really large hood is pretty fashionable of course.  The full black underneath is the best backdrop for this coat, creating such a wonderful contrast that makes It looks classy and effortless. It is a perfect piece for when the weather is cool because it is really warm. The only thing is since my arms are not covered they still get cold so it wont work for very cold days unless am layering.


Photography by SOLLO

All in all I love this coat and hope you do too and the fact that it was only worth 50Ksh was the craziest part about it!!!!

Thanks for reading, and thank you to everyone who kept checking up on me I feel so blest and humbled to have you guys. If you liked this look, give it a thumbs-up by hitting the like button below or sharing it. As always……

God Bless!


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11 thoughts on “THRIFTED GEMS”

  1. your pictures are the real deal.tell your photographer i said so.you look yummy as always and i am looking forward to your next post.

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