Hello hello! Hope your week is going well so far, mine has been one blessing after another not that there has been serious miracles, but you know that Sunday school song, count your blessing name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done, well am surprised. I have such wonderful blessings in my life, from my loving family to my amazing friends and to my special someone o
, there are so many things am so grateful for. That plus the fact that it was my birthday yesterday, and realizing that I love where my life is right now makes me even more motivated to achieve and reach farther, forging ahead to my dreams hehehe.

Today I want to feature something I have been hiding from yall for a while now, I shaved my hair!!!! I have been rocking this short hair for 5 months now and I must admit I am loving it! You may ask why I did it and there are two reasons why;

1. I had previously dyed my hair and I think I dint moisturize it as much as it required because I had some serious gaps where hair should be hehehehe. Seriously one day I was combing my hair straight up and realized I had sections where I only had the new growth which was about an inch long.

2. Second reason is because I had been preaching the ‘I will shave my hair’ speech for nearly a year and it was time to stop preaching water and drinking wine. I gathered the courage, told no one I was headed to the kinyozi and had it chopped.

The best part about short hair other than the fact that I get to seriously enjoy my bath time without a shower cap, or the fact that I never have to worry what I’ll do with my hair when am dressing, other than all this wonderful benefits, my favorite is that short hair is the perfect accessory to any wardrobe. It makes any look stand out without much effort. You look stylish in a t-shirt and jeans like some model who is super confident in her looks that she doesn’t want hair distracting peoples attention hehe.


Some other benefits I have noticed is appreciating natural African hair. I never realized how dark my hair actually is (man it is black!), also the texture is really nice, it’s super curly and when it is well moisturized it is very soft and poofy. Am not completely sold to the natural hair society yet, but for now I must admit am almost smitten. My plan is to rock the natural hair and enjoy the entire journey seeing the beauty in what God has given me and play around with it. Am not head strong such that I sneer at every woman with a weave or relaxed hair because in my opinion everyone has a right to explore their options and if natural hair aint their thing who are we to judge.









That’s it for today lovelies Thanks for reading!

God Bless



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3 thoughts on “SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!”

  1. So she at last did it!!!!!!! You look amazing and BOLD!!!!! SUPER BOLD!!!!!!
    You are a blessing, always look forward to reading your blogs, they bring some cool refreshing moments.

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