Hey there, hope you have been swell and life has been has kind to you as it has been for me. I have some wonderful news coming up really soon if all things go well. Today I want to share a second makeup look that is very simple but extremely beautiful. It basically transforms your everyday look into something more of a statement. What I loved about this look was its simplicity, there isn’t too much going on and yet it is so yummy it makes you wanna stare in the mirror and take selfies  all day.

The best part was actually not the red lip, rather it was the green eyeliner under the eyes, not because green is my favorite color( which btw it is), but because it made my eyes pop and contrasted so well with the red lip I simply could not get enough. Another thing I could not get enough of is how well it worked with my specs, not very may looks look as good once the specs are on, so this was a huge plus for me.

I believe the best way to bring out this look is some simple tricks;

*Get your foundation right, this is the basics to any makeup look coming out flawless, your foundation is basically that- your foundation. It is what you build on, and when you get it right it will change your look instantaneously. You can check my post makeup basics on tips for choosing the right foundation for your skin type.

*Choose earth toned eye-shadows, since I am African, earth tones work effortlessly with my  skin and for a neutral simple look using shades and tints of gold(depending on your skin tone I find the lighter you are the lighter the gold should be), earthy browns and warm browns is definitely the way to go.

*Lip color; you can go bold like me here or you can keep it simple with a nude lip or just a sheer lip gloss, however word of caution, be careful the shade of the nude lipstick, some shades may make you look like a drag queen especially if you are dark skinned.

*Finally what I would call the cherry on the cake, add something to the look that makes it stand out like in this case the green eye liner under the water line. You can also go for a wing tip, bold eye lashes or shimmery blush to highlight the chicks, whatever your cup of tea really is. This will define the look and take you from a simple everyday look to a statement look especially for the days you want to turn things.


Products used;

That is it for today, hope you enjoyed this look as it was all done by the lovely Tabbs, you can see more of her work on her instagram- @tabbs_ndinda. Thank you for dropping by, as always any inquiries just send an email or comment below. Hope to see you soon tahtah!


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