So it’s the weekend and your looking to dress up and put your hair down getting ready to let loose and forget the tough week you had, now what’s better than some inspiration to help you choose the perfect make up look to go with that outfit. This particular look is very ballzy and edgy, the kind of look that makes a statement without saying much, it is the perfect smoky eye. You can pull it off with a nude lip-gloss to tone it down a little or for the more daring kind, a dark lip is a definite way to go.

The first look is the simple and sweet version with the nude lip.


And now my favorite version with the dark plum lip, it is so bold I am in Looooooove!




Which is your favorite look? Am pretty sure you can guess mine already…

Suzie Beauty liquid Foundation

Black Opal Concealer

Sleek Sunset Eyeshadow Palette

Suzie Beauty Blush

Black/UP Primer

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

House Of Tara Mascara

Top Lady Lip-gloss

I cannot take credit for this amazing work, all things were done by my amazing friend and makeup artists Tabbs, you can check out this and more of her work on her instagram account- tabbs_ndinda. If you have any makeup and skin care questions, or suggestions feel free to comment or email, or if you would like to get in touch with our makeup artist then please send us an email on Stay tuned for more skin care and makeup looks and tips that will be coming up and there might even be a tutorial or two coming your way:). As always thank you for dropping by, now dressing up, do your makeup and go out there and enjoy yourself.



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