Hello dear, hope your week has been going great and your geared up for the weekend I know I am. Today’s look simply brought out the geek in me, not that it’s usually down to begin with. It reminded me of when I was a kid my sister and brother would always call me a geek which was mainly because I started wearing specks fairly early but also because honestly I was a bit of a geek. At the time, I hated the name because it made me feel different, odd one out and basically weird. With time, they too started wearing specks so the playing field became even. But this got me thinking of the many times we label others and separate ourselves from them simply because we don’t understand where they are coming from.


I have found myself judging someone in several situations, only to find myself in their shoes and realizing how it must have felt for them. We tend to put tags on people almost daily, but until we find ourselves where they are do we see our error. I have learnt to try and see things from several points of view before I make a conclusion, reminding myself that even that conclusion may be proven wrong if tested. Whether we overestimate someone or underestimate them, based on their clothes, accent, skin color, preferences and other generalizations, in the end both are considered poor judgment.


So next time you meet someone new, before drawing any conclusions, it is best to first give them an opportunity to prove themselves after that you can draw a conclusion. However always bear in mind that one day that conclusion may also prove itself to have been false, because how many times have you sat down with someone and been surprised at their true story?

Thanks for dropping by, see you soon dear.

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