Hello everyone, as promised here is the L.A colors lipstick review,

The ups

Moisturizes your lips

the thing I love the most about L.A colors lipsticks is that they moisturize my lips so well it is amazing. My lips get dry really fast and that means I apply lip balm all the time, however when I wear the lipstick I actually don’t even need to apply lip balm first and also by the end of the day, my lips are so soft they feel amazing!

They smell so good!

They all smell like mild coco-butter, and the surprising thing is even though am not a fun of fruity scents, I really like this one mostly because it is mild so it is not all up in your nose or something like that.

True color

I love when the lipstick color on the stick is the same one as the one on your lips and this you get with L.A colors. Even with the lighter shades you will not have to reapply two to three coats to get what you want which is such a plus!

They blend so well

I love mixing lipstick shades, it’s the best way to get a unique color that works perfectly with your skin tone and your look. L.A colors lipsticks blend together so well, you don’t have keep pressing your lips over and over trying to mix the two shades, even the darker shades mix so well with lighter ones!

They are reasonably priced

At 218 Ksh a piece, I personally think this is a very reasonable price for a good lipstick, key word good lipstick.

The Downs

They transfer onto other surfaces a bit much which is really annoying especially for a clumsy person like me. However I find that if you dab tissue after your done applying, it does reduce this quality to some extent.

And there you have it, my thoughts on the L.A colors lipstick, you can check out some of the shades I personally liked and picked.



Matte Cranberry Red

I love this red shade, they have two but I like this darker one, mostly because it works so well with my skin tone and I can where it any day to any occasion!

Matte BlackBerry

The first time I wore this shade my first reaction was,’ Oh my goodness that is a dark lip!’ it is taking some getting used to, however I love how it blends with the red and my other lipsticks to create a very dramatic look


When I bought this I dint think it would be as light as it appears on my lips, although I have to admit I think I simply bought it because I have been searching for a nude lipstick that works perfectly with my lips and I was desperate. At first I thought I just wasted money on this one, but then I mixed it will the other colors and it became number one on my list.

Mystical Penny

I actually love this shade especially for an evening look or when paired with purple eye-shadow, it is basically a golden nude.

Pink Parfait

I love this color! I have been scared to buy such colors before but now, bring them on! It is more of a neon pink although with the lighting it looks more purple. It is such a fun color I think they should have named it bubble gum coz that is all it reminds me of.

Matte Caramel Cream


Last but definitely not least, the nude pink. I’m usually skeptic about wearing nude pinks on my lips coz it is usually a hit or miss with me, but this particular one they got it spot on! For a girl with full lips it just works so well with me making my lips look gorgeous and it is the perfect everyday lipstick.


I wanted to show you guys a peek into how the nude mixes with other colors and in this particular look I mixed it with the berry. I personally love this shade, the nude tones down all the other colors and makes them perfect for everyday looks.

And that’s it! Thank you so much for reading, hope this was helpful in giving you an insight on why I love this brand of lipsticks so much. Have a lovely day and I hope to see/write to you soon.

God bless


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  1. Hey there!Thumbs up.I love your LA colors lipstick review.I just wanted to find out…from which store did you purchase these lipsticks?Thanks 🙂

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