I recently met with Esther Kinuthia, one the youngest ladies to be awarded Top 40 Women Under 40 for her inspiring blog Miss Independent. I expected her to be very upright and straight to the point kind of person (which she is), but from the minute she walked in and sat down we were chatting away like old friends catching up. She is such a sweet and carefree person and she carries an air of grace and boldness that makes you want to remember everything she has to say. It was so easy to see why she won the award and it was such an honor to interview her and here is what came out of the meet;

  1. How would you describe yourself when asked who is Esther Kinuthia?

The next but bigger Oprah Winfrey! Esther Kinuthia sees the world in the eyes of a child, I literally hold on to the child in me because I believe when you view the world in the eyes of a child, you put yourself in a position to see the good in it.

  1. What did you dream of becoming when you were a child?

A neuro surgeon.  In class 8, I wanted to be a neuro surgeon and a cardio thoracic surgeon at the same time. I’m just glad my primary school teacher didn’t laugh at the dream, because if he did, I would have learnt that dreaming big is wrong. He listened to my big dream and I felt it was possible! And today, I have the biggest dream ever, to be the next but bigger Oprah Winfrey!

  1. Who do you consider your role model or your source of inspiration?

My Father, mother and Oprah Winfrey  J My Parents gave me Life. They gave me the best gift, Family! They shaped me to be who I am today – and I love who I am thanks to them. They taught me that my biggest achievement would be to get closer to God, which is Life’s greatest lesson. Oprah Winfrey is my role model because I would like to have a show that changes lives like her show did.

  1. What was inspired you to start your blog?

I didn’t always want to start a blog. 2 gentlemen, Founders of Odipo Dev approached me with the idea of starting my blog. They saw how I was active on Facebook and they felt I was the right person to give a blog. I however started my own blog in October 2013.

  1. Other than being a blogger and a student, are there any other projects you are part of? And how do you manage your time to make sure everything is going according to plan?

I just finished my studies. I am now a Googler/Blogger. I always tell people, STOP MANAGING YOUR TIME, START MANAGING YOUR FOCUS- this puts you in a position to meet your objectives.

  1. What has it been like since you were awarded top 40 women under 40 and being one of the youngest at that?

It has been a very fulfilling journey. I have gotten the amazing opportunity to work with other fantastic Top 40 women whereby we got the chance to inspire the Kenyan youth positively. Talk about the radio/newspaper/television and blog interviews- Kenyans have truly appreciated my work and I am VERY grateful.  It has been fun to say the least!

  1. Do people treat you differently or has the dust settled?

The dust hasn’t settled at all. When you RTBA (Refuse To Be Average), you keep doing things that people continue to applaud. I am getting more appreciation as each day goes by.

  1. What keeps you grounded?

My vision, passion and readers

  1. What are your goals for Miss I?

Miss Independent Show and Magazine:)


This is why I love interviews, I was left feeling so inspired and pumped up to work even harder and dream bigger than I have. I am honestly so happy for her and her achievements and I can’t wait to see her reach even greater heights paving the way for so many. I am such a fan of her work and of her as a person, and I am challenged to stop sitting around and waiting for things to keep passing by, it is time pull up my socks and I hope it is time for you too.


And this is us during the interview

Thank you so much for reading, hope you have been inspired and are starting to think of the ways you can also begin making a difference in your community.

God bless


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