Have you ever wondered where to buy genuine makeup products, where to buy specific a makeup product, or where to find a specific makeup brand? Well if you have then join me in this scouting journey to find exactly where they are and hopefully find one that is closer to home. With the current makeup frenzy in our country on the rise, the streets of Nairobi are flocked with fake products crowding the spaces of our stores. Since I am fascinated with this thing called makeup and I love research, this got me thinking why, not do some of my own research and compile a list of stores that are selling genuine makeup products.

To start us off on this makeup store hunt is Nakumatt Prestige located along Ngong’ road. What I have always loved about about Nakumatt Supermarkets is their line of makeup and skin care products. At this particular store, they have the biggest names in the Kenyan makeup market; Sleek, Maybelline, Revlon and Suzie Beauty. There are assistants from each brand to help you find the product you are looking for, they also help you pick the foundation that suites your skin which is usually a challenge and also give you makeup tips and advice( at least if you ask). Each brand comes with testers for their products which makes it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for, ranging from foundation, to powder, lipstick, eyeliners, mascara, eye shadow and lip-gloss.


This is one of the favorite makeup brands in our country with bloggers mainly speaking highly of their products.


I was excited to see Maybelline on the shelves, being one of the world’s leading makeup brands, and having recently set up shop in Kenya, who would not want to know where to get their hands on their products?

Suzie Beauty

I have grown to appreciate the value of these products over the past year, they are really good quality and being originally Kenyan makes me want them even more(have to support our own right)


I have always trusted Revlon product since I have grown up knowing the brand. They came with a bonus of skin care creams which I think is a good addition to anyone’s makeup collection.

If you were wondering where to find some of these products, you’re welcome. Watch out for more on this little research thing of mine , and if you know of a store that you would like to be featured, just send me an email or comment below and it might be the next one the list.

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