I started a series featuring stores that sell genuine makeup and here is store number two. Sorry for the delay, between juggling two jobs and a blog, finding time to go round is getting harder and harder but I’ll do my best to keep this up because I believe there are a lot of shops out there selling fakes and you don’t really know what you’re putting on your face with those things. The store for today as stated above is Uchumi Langata hyper, they sell L.A Colors products and I for one have to say I am loving them! Look out for a lipstick review coming soon. The products are very reasonably priced I have written a detailed price list below. And the quality will not disappoint. I am currently using their lipstick, liquid eyeliner and blush and I must say am very happy with the products.

Liquid Foundation




Pencil Eyeliner

             Nail Polish                        

Blush; I like how they come in two shades

Eye Shadow Palette                             

Liquid Eye Liner; I checked online for this price since I forgot to write it down but it is about the same price:)


One last product I forgot is there  lipgloss range which go for 258 in the same shades as the lipsticks

For a girl on a budget I would definitely  recommend buying one of their stuff especially the lipsticks but I’ll talk more on that in the review.

That’s is for today, thank you for reading!!!!!

God Bless


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  1. heeeeey,
    Okay finally I decided to start doing what you did on Sharon Mundia’s posts…COMMENT.
    First…I love this. I have been going crazy looking for genuine makeup since am kind of a beginner. L.A. Colours sounds like it was made just for me 🙂
    Can you get a store that stocks genuine products in town??? I believe that would be very convinient for alot of us.
    Keep it up sweety.


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