Life is one big constant journey; every day creating a chance to experience something new, something different, something good.

Creative Direction, Styling and Modelling: Kalekye Muia

Photography: Sharon Talai

Photos taken using IPhone 6

Shorts also styled here

If life is a journey, I want to explore it.

Explore places. Visit different countries, and experience new cultures. Probably learn a language or two in the process. Embrace new people, new ideas and new opinions in life. Learn the simple joys of life from the other side of the world.

Explore relationships. Have deeper conversations, more meaningful interactions. Learn what it means to truly love and care for others. To be selfless, to be kind and to be gracious.

Explore myself; my mind and my body. Explore the depths of my creativity, learn to laugh wholeheartedly, sing joyfully and dance without inhibitions. To explore the depths of my strengths and weaknesses, what I like and what I don’t, to look in the mirror and see me.

Explore my Heavenly Father. To know the depth, height and the breath of His heart, His holy and perfect love. To explore His mind and see through His eyes, the wonders of this earth. Then I will truly understand the beauty of His creation, in me, in others and in the world.

Thanks for joining me today, till next time

God Bless!

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