Today in the African Wear Series we look at a more carefree look in our ongoing “African wear with Claire”.

One of the simple rules I have learnt during this series about African print is;

  1. They look good being paired with solid colors rather than other prints
  2. They look best with statement jewelry
  3. They can be worn to almost any event
  4. It’s not the piece itself that matters; it’s how you wear it that does.
  5. It’s not possible to exhaust the number of looks you can make from them, and you will see this too because this is only the beginning of this African wear series.

This look is really fun and edgy without being too much. I for one have never even thought of rocking an African print pair of shorts but after seeing this, I want one!!! The shorts are just the perfect height making them decent and tasteful and the color of the print is to die for. The trick in this look is in the bold lime color of the top. It’s bold enough to stand out yet simple enough not to steal the entire look. We paired it with simple jewelry, black wedges for both comfort and style and finally the denim half coat brings everything in together. This is a very comfortable, simple, laid back look that works for a chilled Saturday afternoon with friends and family.


Photography by; Deryl Aduda

Shorts by; Amazing Collections

To order yours call; +254-728-226-668

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more African wear to come, any specific suggestions just leave them in the comment box below and I will get back to you.

Till next time,

God Bless!!!

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