This year I thought would be a great year to start an interior design section and help share everything I have learnt and then some. Today we look at how to best design a small room to make the space appear larger.

  1. Raise your window treatments

Tip: The key is high and wide

Window treatments that go up to the ceiling help draw the eye up making the room appear elongated and airy. Raise your curtain rod up to the ceiling and if possible increase it in width to get the best result.


  1. Color schemes

Tip: you can never go wrong with white it is the easiest color to accessorize.

You can never go wrong with white in a small room, it makes a room feel lighter and appear larger. If white is not your thing then pastels and tropical/ sea colors will work as well, the key is to keep things light.

8-bUsing white as the background color

making a room appear larger8Using pastels and tropical colors

  1. Use stripes

Tip: Horizontal and vertical stripes draw the eye to follow the direction of the lines.

Stripes will make a room look larger as they draw the eye to follow a path which  makes the room seem to have more space. If you are scared to add stripes to your walls, then you can do so in your accessories and soft furnishings.


Using stripes your walls


Using stripes your soft-furnishings.

  1. Accessorizing

Tip: have a theme that guides you in accessorizing your room to ensure everything is in harmony.

Accessories are a great way to create areas of emphasis in a room and add a your personal taste. Don’t be afraid to use vibrant pieces just limit them to ensure they are not overwhelming


  1. Furniture

Tip: When it comes to furniture, think multi-functional then consider the aesthetics.

Consider all spaces in your house that can be used for extra storage. Examples include; corners, under beds, closet and cabinet doors, walls etc. Consider using multi-functional furniture such as a sofa bed as as they save space such.


  1. Mirrors

Tip: Consider the placement of the mirror; avoid placing a mirror adjacent to the main door as the first thing guests will see is themselves which is not really in good taste.

Mirrors create the illusion of added space, this is why small restaurants use them alot. Whether small or floor length, a well-placed mirror will make a room appear spacious


Overall, a room that has harmony is its design will ultimately feel welcoming and make you want to stay which helps make the space feel comfortable which is want you need in the end.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon.

God Bless.

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  1. Hi there! Just came across your blog and I love it! This post especially is really cool–can’t wait to implement some tips around my own space 🙂 Hope to read more from you, I’ll definitely be keeping up.
    XO Nadia

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