Hey everyone, I simply cannot believe we are so close to reaching half of the year because for me it means going back to my new year’s resolutions and looking how far I have reached, what is working and what needs to change. But at least I have one month to fix some things before the big sit down with self.  Well as the title suggests, today I will be talking all about the REVLON photoready liquid foundation which I recently got. I had decide at the beginning of the year to start taking better care of my face and investing in a good foundation was one of those steps.

First of all let me just say I had always heard bloggers say how much good foundation makes such a huge difference, and am on that band wagon saying the exact same thing! I absolutely love this foundation it is my favorite and also most expensive makeup piece in my collection. Honestly this piece will take you back a bit, I personally had to save up for a couple of months before I could comfortably buy it and even then it felt like a huge blow. Even so it is worth every single penny and here is why;

  1. It spreads so well

I love the fact that the foundation spreads out so evenly and so much so that you end up using such a small amount for a full coverage. At first I was sckeptic at the size of the bottle, but after seeing how much I need per application, am sure it will take me a year before I need to replace it. (Even the sales rep said on average a bottle would take you six months and that is if you use it on a daily)

  1. Covers my blemishes

Because my skin has become more and more oily, I get breakouts more often than I used to, which always for me leads to blemishes after they clear out. This foundation is perfect in covering them up which is every girls dream.

  1. My skin stays oil free all day

An hour after I have showered or done my makeup, I look like a kid who had a fun-day with Vaseline. So much so that I can literally scrape the oil of my skin and transfer it elsewhere, disgusting I know but you could always look at it as God’s way of helping me save money otherwise spent on lip balm hehe. Well the foundation itself is oil free which makes it perfect for oily skin and it actually works, my skin stays oil free all day, like I don’t even need a touch up of powder in the middle of the day yay!

  1. Perfect for my skin tone

When I was planning on buying it I was a little scared of having to buy two shades to make it blend well with my skin tone. However my worries were reduces when I looked at reviews on different foundations for African skin and REVLON had the best overall reviews without one needing to mix colors to get their tone.

  1. Lasts all day

Apart from keeping my skin oil free all day, it also lasts all day without me needing a touch up. This is just a blessing because I basically don’t have to worry about how I look if a friend asks for coffee after work, another yay!

Makeup tip; before buying foundation, look through reviews and see what other people are saying about it, this will really help you make a more informed decision on the best brand to go with. And when buying foundation, buy a shade that also blends well with you neck, chest and shoulders, this will make it look more natural and give you a flawless finish.

This is my full makeup look, could not decide which lip color to go with so I decided to feature both:)

As always thank you for reading, hope this has helped you in deciding whether or not to invest in the REVLON photoready liquid foundation, hopefully I’ll be able to share more makeup reviews with you guys. Hope to see/writer to you soon.

God bless


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